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Meet the people behind Earth Club. The people who are inspired to heal the planet through the movement of yoga, Pilates, and meditation, as well as participate in projects that consist of cleaning up local beaches, rivers, and lakes.

Water protection is the solution to further assist in bringing forth balance & harmony. Every single human plays their part in inspiring a ripple effect of healing. Love is the catalyst, too long lasting transformation. This is what WE stand for in community, embodying one's motivation to serve self love and selfless service. Remember your potential and the impact you make. You are enough to make a difference.



Alicia Buivis is an ambitious woman with a vision to dream big. She is a fun, loving and outgoing person, with much wisdom to share. Her passion for marine life and nature began at the young age of 9. Environmental awareness is a mission she feels called to fulfill “together”.


In 2016, she completed a 300 hour shamanic yoga teacher training in the heart of Peru. The sacred lands of the Andes nurtured her inner-child. She faced all that once brought her pain, suffering, frustration, and found herself ready to challenge her outdated belief system. Yoga, Pilates, ceremony, community, plant medicine and trust allowed her to open her heart and take a leap of faith. She has since consciously made a choice to choose forgiveness. Self love awakened her soul, and brought alignment in her life's purpose of supporting others, and creating a new world for future generations.


She graciously continues to take one step at a time by surrendering to the medicine of healing, union and balance. By letting down her walls of doubt, fear and limitations, she observed what she felt called to create from a higher perspective. Alicia believes it is safe to live from a place of inspired action. This is the truth for all of humanity.  We are all worthy of our dreams. In the blossoming of her truth, she founded Earth Club Inc. in 2017. She has made it her life's work to assist in the collective healing of Mama Earth, humanity and all of life on land & sea. Alicia is an Earth Keeper.



Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Ashley Sperber Hirsch provides a support system to Alicia (Earth Club Inc founder) in her pursuit of healing Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants. Unlike her counterpart, Ashley's desire to co-create a world of equality piqued while starting her private wellness practice. After witnessing a lifetime of pain and suffering, she dedicated herself to being a guide and source of comfort to individuals who are ready to claim their power and purpose. 


Years of coaching people on their wellness journeys offered Ashley the opportunity to become more attuned to the energies of the planet, and how interrelated all living beings are. It was revealed to her that humans are entirely disconnected from the earth that has the capacity to heal. At this time, Ashley reasoned that we can only thrive as a culture when we commit to exercising compassion towards all species.  


From this point forward, Ashley integrated grounding practices that helped her clients feel more connected with the earth, others and themselves. Once she observed the benefits that they received from this exchange, her curiosity led her deeper into a quest for collective healing. She feels that now, more than ever, is the time to reciprocate the loving energy back unto the planet that sustains all. 


As timing would have it, Ashley soon met Alicia, and the vision of Earth Club Inc. was shared. Alicia's enthusiasm and passion for wildlife preservation ignited Ashley and a partnership was formed. Together, they have woven many dreams in support of humankind, which they eagerly aspire to bring to life.

Cory is passionate about innovation, community and sustainability. After watching a documentary by Jaqcue Fresco from the Venus Project he was astonished at how truly simple the world's problems are to solve if we just put our heads together. 


Since that day Cory hasn't stopped thinking about what a sustainable world would look like and how he can be a spark to ignite that transformation. 


Cory is currently residing in LA and is the founder of a tech startup called Zypp. His plan is to use the proceeds from that project to start building the cities of the future. 


He believes that change starts within and ripples outward from there. Cory has been on his spiritual journey since 2013 and enables him to connect with others to make a positive impact on the world. 



Board of Directors

Lucero Rodriguez is an Intuitive Healer. She was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles. Since birth Lucero has always been called support others in their healing. Her emboldened past has prepared and given her the ability to empathize, nurture, and celebrate, with love, all who surround her. 


She has a unique ability to guide her clients into the deepest layers of their hearts. Lucero decided to start her own business, Healing Together, in 2018. Her ability to support humanity in elevating their vibrations is a true gift. Her soul guides her, her body is a channel for the divine and her love serves as a reminder that we all have the potential to forgive the deepest of pains and conquer the greatest of fears! Lucy is passionate about awakening others to living in balance within communities. When we walk in balance, collectively we walk in beauty with nature. Earth Club is her call action to be a change-maker for future generations. 


She believes,” Healing Together is better than suffering alone” 

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