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We are responsible for

our oceans.

Take action in being a voice for those who don't, in order to provide safety and stability at the home front.

Earth Club is committed to spreading awareness to the current state of the ecosystem & how we as Earth keepers are responsible for helping be an advocate for animals who are losing their homes due to declining reef health and forest fires. Collaboration, community support & crowdfunding events make it possible to bring our vision of  sustainability for the future generations. We accomplish this mission through webinars, retreats, sacred ceremonies, beach clean ups, tree planting & reef projects. These gatherings empower humanity to take responsibility for their actions by being a voice. 

Get Involved



Take a stand by being the change. We need leaders like you to care about our ecosystem. Earth Club believes in the power of collaboration.



Get involved with sharing projects that inspire your call to action. Spread the message that we are stronger together. What fuels your passion to live on purpose?



Be a part of a movement that cares about the health, healing & vitality for all of life. May your kindness be rewarded tenth fold. Love sustains & nurtures.

Take action

Our coasts and beaches are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.

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