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We are responsible for

our oceans.

Take action in being a voice for those who don't, in order to provide safety and stability at the home front.

At Earth Club, we believe that to care for the planet, we must first care for its people - especially vulnerable communities impacted by instability at home. Through community education, gatherings, and hands-on restoration work, we help individuals find their voice to speak up for the voiceless - declining reefs, displaced wildlife, and vulnerable communities impacted by poverty and instability. 

Our mission is twofold: uplift families and communities from the ground up while empowering Earth guardians to speak up for our threatened oceans, forests, and wildlife. 

Each voice carries weight when it speaks for the well-being of people and the planet. Each drop joins the larger wave of impact when you stand up through your personal choices to drive local change. Join us to uplift families, restore ecosystems in your neighborhood, and magnify your voice for communities and habitats threatened near and far. United by a shared vision, one Earthkeeper at a time, we can heal together.


Our mission is simple: Support communities today to help our planet flourish for generations to come.

Get Involved



 Empower our communities and protect our planet - partner with Earth Club today to nurture the next generation of conscientious leaders and engaged earth guardians devoted to healing the world . 



Get involved with sharing projects that inspire your call to action. Spread the message that we are stronger together. Each small act of service creates ripples spanning communities and continents.



 Make your compassionate contribution today - because a healthier future depends on each of us daring to care deeply right now. By contributing today uplift vulnerable voices and habitats.

Take action

Our coasts and beaches are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.



Those raised with security and belonging treat the lands and waters sustaining them with the same dignity and respect.


At Earth Club, we empower vulnerable community members - families overcoming adversity, youth seeking purpose, women rebuilding lives after abuse. We believe that stable, supportive communities allow individuals to shift focus from surviving to considering their place within the greater fabric of life.


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